Cliff reinforcement and erosion protection

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Site carried out under the historic monument of Fort Oranje in St Eustatius

ACROBAT X and ACROBAT X CARAIBES have taken up a major challenge and stakes by carrying out this project in 2019/20 on behalf of the Dutch government of St Eustache, according to an international call for tenders by invitation that we won with a viable variant and leaving savings on the overall project to the client of nearly 5,000,000 USD $, which represents the largest acrobatic work site in the world in recent years.

The challenge was significant and up to the project with an ash cliff very sensitive to erosion where we had to specifically develop a reinforced drainage layer that can be vegetated with the partner Maccaferri (ultimate technical solution that we are the only ones currently having. ), combined with a Tecco Inox double layer HLE facing solution with the partner GEOBRUGG.

We were able to rely on the expertise of the Hydrogeotechnical geotechnical design office to support us throughout the project and on WEST Indies helicopters (SXM) to ensure our aerial lifting, which we also thank.

This project, despite the COVID19 pandemic, was able to be carried out successfully and without delay or any recourse to subcontracting, even at the other end of the planet and on an island where supplies were very complex. Our perfect anticipations and the rigor of our teams made it possible to carry out this project in a perfect way, without maintenance, with the greatest satisfaction of the customer and the Dutch government. We have thus been able to save the support of this historic fort.

Some remarkable data

In just 14 months of work and with a budget of over $ 10,000,000 USD, complete manual and mechanical re-profiling of the cliff – 3,800 anchoring units and 46,000 ml of drilling – 16,000 m2 of HLE INOX facing – 8,000 m2 of Reinforced vegetalizable drainage mat – 4000 m3 of excavations – 350 T of cement – and many others…

Date : 2019/2020

Client : Holland Government of Saint-Eustache