Protection of cliffs against falling stones

What are the options for protecting cliffs from falling stones

Unfortunately, rocky landslides to the foot of the slopes and landslides of all kinds are a frequent occurence. That’s why companies specialized in working at heights are often consulted for risky cases. They intervene to put in place works to prevent, remove and stabilize large unstable rock masses. This height work is realized by specialized rope operatives. Certain situations involve the risk of falling blocks or stones. This creates access difficulties dependent on topography and context.

Based on this, the relevant solutions for the protection of cliff and embankments are adapted according to the nature of the danger and the ground. This could mean anchors, rope canvas, deflector screens, block or stone screens, rope nets, hanging mesh or flat mesh… Used on rocky cliffs and banks, these solutions create the opportunity to hold or prevent falling blocks or stones and remove or reduce the significant potential danger for any kind of infrastructure or installation at the foot of a bank.

Our robust competencies and experience allow us to propose advice and audit the solutions necessary, optimizing projects. This occurs before and during the advance studies required and happens according to the level of risk and the difficulties present.

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