Audits and advice for reinforcement strategies

Audits and advice for reinforcement strategies

Advice based on solid and recognized expertise

With our strong experience and expertise in the areas of building / civil engineering / natural hazards / comfort / support / special foundations, we realize on behalf of customers who want to be advised and optimize their projects (deadlines, cost, determination of the technique used, phasages, comparative performance of structures, durability, maintenance, …) pre-project audits and optimizations for domains related to typologies of works of which we know the knowledge and realization applied to various subjects according to the needs and customer constraints.

Optimize the upstream work solution

This action of advice in strategy of reinforcement / support – pre-conception preliminary design is of course desirable to realize in a preferential way, before engaging studies (of preliminary draft or project) which then constrains the project managers / master of work in technical solutions certainly justified, quantified and quantified but which in case of need of optimization desirable or change of strategy better, imply that the change of solution in optimization will require a new expenditure in studies, consultations, deadlines additional …

The customer is unfortunately too often informed a posteriori of the options he could have improving the overall project, since it is not uncommon to be in front of studies oriented technical solutions not sufficiently adapted, sometimes too safe for the exclusive protection of the designer BE in disregard of the expense of the MOA or according to technical solutions customarily practiced by the BE concerned, in defiance of technical options that he does not know or simply to have studies carried out by BEs whose competence is not targeted at the subject concerned involving expenditure for non-permanent works.

In these cases, the MOA and Moe are appalled to have already started the work, to be already in their overall schedule of execution, and to note that they could have turned to experts and optimize the global project.

Through this pre-design audit action based on their real constraints taken into account, the project owners and project managers, with advice thus provided, quantified, quantified and estimated in terms of deadlines, and according to the option that best suits the budget constraints, needs and expectations, we then carry out, as needed, the connection with the relevant consulting firms that will justify our technical requirements, and then launch consultations with specialized companies depending on the options selected. .

We are also able to carry out the work as needed.

Optimization is technical and financial at the same time

The financial optimization by the technical optimization of a project of reinforcement / support by the informed and judicious choice of the strategy of realization the most adapted allows to realize the works which you need, and according to the constraints which are yours and to pay only what is useful.

These proposed optimizations often have extremely beneficial consequences for the budgets of the projects which can hardly be lengthened, we estimate the gains that we make realize to our customers MOA and Moe from -20 to -50% sometimes of the initial amount of works related to the earthworks supports / reinforcements / provisional stabilization / comfort.

We are at your disposal to share and define together the best strategy adapted to your project.

Building and civil engineering expertise

Our skills in the fields of rock, civil engineering, building / industry often lead us to carry out expertises (and detailed inspection visits if necessary) on behalf of real estate firms, control offices, design offices experts, insurance companies, court experts, …

Thus, we have the faculties and skills in these fields, to determine the origin of the pathologies, the responsibilities, the actions and works to be implemented temporarily and definitively for the resolution of the problems.