Repetitions implemented, micropiles, longrines

The underpinning is the action of works by which a building, mature, structure, (…) is reinforced and resumed totally or punctually at the level of its foundations and sitting on the ground. Thus, the reasons for such needs can be different and varied:

  • Absence or insufficiency of foundations
  • Bad ways or bad sizing of foundations in relation to the real constraints and soil / structure interaction
  • Differential ground settlements where compaction or backfill materials are of poor quality / compatibility of use.
  • Premature degradation of foundations
  • Natural disasters

The typical pathologies are abnormal cracks on the load-bearing walls, scouring at foundations in the open air. The rework solution is therefore to recreate new free vertical supports by making micropiles (peripherals and / or interiors to the walls) and then ensure an irreproachable connection between the existing foundations of the wall in question and the new micropiles. supports to transfer the efforts of the building on the micropiles. It is often necessary to disburse, alternatively foundation studs of given length, including under the old foundation, to make the Micropiles. It is then housed in the disbursement, styling the micropiles, steel sills and / or steel cages which are then poured concrete. The operation is repeated according to the number of pads to be made.