Rope canvas or single or multiple cabling

Securing rocky blocks by rope canvases

A rope canvas cables blocks and rocks via an active treatment of an instability at its source by simply confining the mass. Single or multiple cabling is carried out by a network of peripheral anchors drilled and inserted beforehand (for which the sealing grout is more than 48 hours). Every cable is positioned between two anchors. It is then stretched as appropriate via manual and chain hoists. The loops at each end of the cables allow the anchors to ‘curl’. The tension generated at installation is conserved by the use, at the moment the tension is set, of three to four tight cables via looping the cable.

With this easier technique, it is possible to secure a mass (one two unstable and precarious in status) temporarily and before the use of direct anchors into the mass (which could destabilize the mass) for stabilization. This technique can be used for definitive reinforcement. Reinforcement at the periphery by ropes and direct reinforcement via anchors through a rope canvas can be seen as a temporary and / or definitive reinforcement solution. It can be used with or without reinforcements via direct anchors.