Anti-lava screens (for torrential lava flows)

What is the purpose of anti-laval screens?

The anti-lava screens are passive works, set on a given line, which intercept material flows, such as mud flows or landslides significant in nature. This passive solution (which does not impede the occurence of the events themselves) is adopted in the absence of active solutions to the source of the problem or as a general solution to a risk on a given line. These screens are different than ‘traditional’ screen blocks in the fact that they are able to continue working even when permanently facing sliding material.

It is essential to have an expert measure the protection to be put in place via calculating the speed and the force of the lava according to its volume and the potential weight of the material flow. The permanent load capacity desired should also be considered. All this determines the capacity of the screen to design.

There are no ‘one-size-fits all’ lava screens as is the case for block screens for perfectly standard screens (CE ETAG027) for impact values (kJ) or interception heights (ml). This screen can be designed in partnership with a geotechnical or hydraulic engineering department which agrees with the company the costs for designing a tailor-made solution.