Reprofiling rocky terrain / soft ground

Reprofiling is the process of implementing a technical solution in order to change the profile of a given zone Different factors can make this necessary:

  • Expanding roadways: the requirement for reprofiling via earthworks (excavator) or mining
  • Cliffs with protruding rock masses can create risks. Reprofiling is necessary for reasons of security. It is carried out via manual purges, either with machines or explosives
  • Holes at the foot of the cliff create overhangs and gaps : Designing reinforcements is difficult due to the overhanging zones to be corssed, the difficulty of orienting the nails on the current profile… Earthworks by mechanical removal (excavator) or explosives
  • Unstable material layers (soft or rocky) need to be removed from a zone before containment. Earthworks via long-reach or traditional excavator