Repairs structural masonry

Mortars and special concretes

In the fields of building and civil engineering, it is now common to encounter significant pathologies on ancient concretes constituting works, buildings, structures … These pathologies are often related to the corrosion of steels present in concretes that either do not respect the regulatory coating thicknesses or whose concretes have too high permeability.

The visual result is the detachment of pieces of concrete / mortars (epaufrures) which may also present risks due to their fall below.

We perform the integral treatment of all phases of work to restore some quality to damaged concrete.

  • Quilting and full survey of areas for purging unstable masonry
  • Passivation of apparent steels
  • The possible cutting and replacement of structural steels deemed too corroded to ensure their role
  • High pressure cleaning of the supports and walls before repair to promote the grip
  • The reconstitution by special mortars or concrete projected dry way of the masonries
  • Possible treatment with migrating corrosion inhibitor from the surface of the walls to internal steels
  • The possible application of water repellent, facing hardener, …
  • The possible application of system of painting or waterproofing walls

Earthquake reinforcements of existing structures or buildings also consist in making reinforcement and concrete thicknesses on the basements of these structures, the construction principle here is the same in construction as for repair.