HLE net, HR mesh, or three-dimensional geogrid

HLE nets / HR nets for landslides / soil nailing

The HLE (high strength) net and the HR (high resistance) grid are particularly adapted to the issue of landslides between other part of the cliffs. In addition, used with plantable three-dimensional geogrids, they integrate into the landscape and serve anti-erosion purposes. These new products are a good alternative to the use of sprayed concrete (soil nailing) according to the geological context and the initially realized use of concrete.

If feasible, this particular application offers a significant financial saving, a more limited working challenge, less constraints than concreting (weather, temperature, season, concrete quality) and excellent integration into the landscape. With recent surface protections products, it already has the capacity to withstand falling stones and blocks in equal measure. In addition, these products offer far greater resistance than either a single or double-layered flat mesh.

For use in landslide areas (either for preventative or remedial purposes), the thickness of the soft ground crossed over to anchor within the circles of a potential landslide is considered. To this end, the long reinforcement anchors keep the ground in place via pre-stressed anchors and spread nets. These block the movements which initiate a landslide.

The integration into a landscape is also an extremely interesting feature of these technical solutions. In place of grey or tinted sprayed concrete, after natural revegetation (or manual or machine seeding) the equivalent of a ‘lawn on the wall’ is brought about.

The cost of this type of cladding (the equivalent resistance to sprayed concrete reinforced to 20 cm) half or a third of ‘traditional’ soil nailing.

Conversely, the nails’ meshing is retained and is the same as for soil nailing measured for the same project.