Wire nets to reinforce unstable areas

Wire net reinforcements

The reinforcement and securing of unstable rock by wire nets is an active treatment which addresses an instability at its source The simple confinement of the mass is done by a network of anchors drilled peripherally and applied beforehand. The grout on the sealing dries within 48 hours. The wire net is positioned between the anchors. It is then stretched between each one of them thoroughly via manual hoists on chains. The tensioners on chain loops are linked at every extremity to a peripheral anchor.

In addition, to achieve a perfect level of tension for the cable wire, it is recommended to use a peripheral anchor to create tension every two ml. These looped tensioners allow the anchors to be ‘curled’. The tension generated during installation is maintained by the addition, at the moment of tension generation, of three to four cable clamps by cable loops.

Via this technique multiple uses are possible. This could be, for example, an initial provisional securing of an area leading to an addition confinement via direct anchors. This later can be carried out by placing anchors directly within the middle of the area. It might also be definitely a single securing and reinforcement.

Finally, it has to be taken into account for a final reinforcement, reinforcement via cables against direct reinforcement via anchors. In this context, wire nets are considered a final protection without or without additional reinforcement via direct anchors.